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We only deal with Time Tested quality products that bring you COMFORT, and help you save money on heating costs.    Alternative Energy Solutions
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         Indoor and outdoor wood gasification & conventional boilers.

    Wood Gasification boilers we provide come from manufactures like: Empyre, Effecta, Natures Comfort, they provide tomorrows technology TODAY... Conventional wood boilers by Aqua-Therm, Pro-Fab Industries, Natures Comfort and Hopsco, are all of the highest quality on the market today . We have the leading edge wood/coal and pellet products available..   90 % EFFICIENT indoor and outdoor wood boilers.  And 2 of the lowest priced outdoor gasifier's in their class, the Empyre Elite XT 100, 125,000 max. btu/hr rated for only $7495.  And the Natures Comfort GT6000 for under $9000..   Contact us today for more information on how we can save you money on your home heating COMFORT..

248-681-7787 Richard@woodheatmi.com


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Alternative Energy Solutions:
       Your Michigan based provider for Gasification Wood Boilers by Empyre, Effecta, Natures Comfort. We also have Conventional Wood Boilers by Aqua-Therm, Pro-Fab Industries and Natures Comfort.
Your Alternative Heat Solutions company.

Here are our

                                            EMPYRE SERIES BOILERS

For video's on our Empyre series boilers go to the link @  
Wood gasification Boiler videos.

EMPYRE new Addition, Stainless Steel lined fire boxes on ALL Elite series boilers:   The Elite XT, 89% efficient outdoor gasification boiler with the lowest price on the market today for a 125,000 BTU gasifier.... Call today for details on the great new boiler. 2 sizes of this newest boiler in the Empyre series. Don't wait get yours now!!!!!!

Nature's Comfort outdoor wood boilers. Nature's comfort builds a complete line of outdoor wood boilers in conventional updraft designs that achieve over 70% efficiency ratings. They have 2 gasification boilers, the NCB325G is an up-draft gasification boiler that can heat up to 10,000 sq ft.... The GT6000 is an EPA phase ll certified down draft gasification boiler capable of heating over 6,000 sq ft.

Our line of

                                                 Aqua-Therm outdoor wood boilers


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