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EPA new rules are expected to go into effect on May 1, 2015. Banning conventional wood boilers, production of conventional boilers is expected to end on 1May 2015, Orders made and paid for prior to April 24,2015 will be filed. After April 24, 2015 I will not be taking orders for conventional wood boilers. Only unit available after that date will be our EPA approved wood gasification boilers.

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Aqua-Therm outdoor wood boiler.

Aqua-Therm has been manufacturing quality out door wood boilers for over 30 years..

Manufactured from 409 stainless steel, the firebox is designed in a oval shape to ensure even heating and no stress cracking. These boilers have stood the test of time, thousands in use today! 3 sizes to suite any heating need. Aqua-Therm also comes in sheltered models that go directly outside, and unsheltered models that go in your out building, pole barn, wood shed or covered open air wood storage building. You decide. Prices start at $4995 for model 145-WO.

             You can visit the manufactures web site @

Aqua-Therm unsheltered model 275-WO installed in outdoor garage. This unit is a closed loop system and runs at the same pressure and temperature as a conventional boiler. This model 275-WO is installed as the primary home heat source and is connected up to an existing boiler. So the existing indoor boiler is the back-up if your not around to load wood. And if you go away, the indoor boiler becomes the primary unit to maintain the house temperature, and also circulates water through the Aqua-Therm wood boiler to prevent freeze-up.

Aqua-Therm sheltered model S-275-WO. This unit is installed away from the home and under ground pipes run to the home and heat the house through the existing baseboard hot water system. These units come in custom colors, and even in Camo. This unit is heating a 3800 sq ft home, and is also providing domestic hot water through the use of a side arm water to water heat exchanger. 
This sheltered unit is decked out in our new Camo paint design.       The Aqua-Therm"Eco-One" is available in any of our models, It runs about $1000 more than the standard unit, and provides reduced emissions by use of exhaust baffels and an additional induction fan to ignite unburnt gases prior to exiting the chimney.

This Aqua-Therm model 145-WO, shown here before the insulation kit is installed, shows the large firebox, cast iron fire box grates and ash auger system with crank handle. Low Maintenance and high performance are phrases that customers use to describe their Aqua-Therms. This unit lists for $4995..
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